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9 Things Women Wish Men Knew Blog

9 Things Women Wish Men Knew
Sep 8th, 2009 by Chrystal Bougon , Sex Expert

Better Sex Radio is doing a full show this Wednesday about all of the things women wish every man knew. Most of these topics and ideas came in from our customers and listeners. Thank you all for emailing us your topics for us to discuss this week on the radio!

Better Sex Radio

#1 We have a spot on our body that is our “cryptonite” and it’s at the back of our neck, underneath our ears and when we can hear you breathing excitedly or when you nibble lightly on our neck, we turn into a big bowl of LUSTY VIXEN jello. We are all yours when you spoon with us and nibble on that area.
#2 When we ask if we look fat in something, we are hoping you might give a compliment of some kind. If you don’t want to answer the question, compliment us on some other feature. (Do tell us if the outfit is just really hideous and embarassing. If it’s not, just tell us sincerely we look beautiful.)
#3 No, we do not want to give you a b.j. during the football game unless you want to go down on us while we are watching The Shopping Channel.
#4 We have been convinced by the media that we are inadequate, too fat, too skinny, too ugly, etc. We need to hear what you think of us. We need to hear you think we are hot. We need to hear this every other day!
#5 Front to back ONLY ever! Our va jay jay is very sensitive and a complicated place. Please keep your fingers clean, nails cut short, and never ever go back to front.
#6 Our nipples are not radio dials. Please massage our breasts gently and start off slow with the nipple nibbling so we can warm up to some more intense nibbling. We NEVER enjoy the MOTORBOAT action on our bewbies.
#7 We love porn, too. Stop hiding your stash so well .. it just forces us to search in all of your special hiding places when we want to borrow it. And, no, even though we have teeny tiny breasts it does not offend us that all of your porn starts with the words “Juggs.” We know you like variety.
#8 We LOVE to recieve oral sex, too. PERIOD. END OF STORY. No, we don’t want to 69. We want to just relax and recieve and just get lost in it like you do. 69 occasionally, but let’s just take turns like lesbians do. Did you know when surveyed, girl/girl couples have the highest sexual satisfaction. They know what they are doing!
#9 Sex toys do not replace you, they enhance you. Stop being jealous of something that can only help you.

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Unknown said...

Great tips! #9 is so true, I was cracking up reading it!

Sapphire said...

I love #4, so true. I love the reassurance that a lover thinks of me as sexy, it helps and I appreciate it each time it's said.